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Derrick Chew
Director, Hospitality & Protocol

Having spent over 12 years as the Head of Foreign Military Liaison Branch and de facto chief of protocol of the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces, Derrick has proven to be an accomplished hospitality and protocol professional, who strives to deliver exceptional end-to-end arrangements for distinguished foreign delegates and VIPs alike. In addition to extensive personal and professional networks across national government and commercial agencies, he is also a certified etiquette and international protocol consultant.

Derrick had successfully planned and executed many national and international diplomatic events in Singapore. Notable events include the bi-annual Singapore Airshow, Shangri-La Dialogues and the ASEAN Chairmanship series of events. Throughout his illustrious career with both the military and public service, Derrick has held many key appointments which added to his wealth of experience in government protocol and corporate etiquette. He also served as Honorary Aides-de-Camp to the President of Singapore and was awarded the National Commendation Medal (Military) in 2010 for his contributions.