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Growth in Quality Participation and Prestige

The latest editions of all the tradeshows organised by Experia Events boasts a total of almost 100,000 trade visitors. But beyond year-on-year growth in attendance numbers and exhibitor participation, what we are most proud of is the continued growth in quality participation and prestige of our events. The global stature of our events attract industry movers, influential thinkers and policy makers, providing the intellectual heft, gravitas and unparalleled networking reach, that place our events head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Leading in Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is at the nucleus of every show organised by Experia Events. It is a simple idea, that leaders attract other leaders, which we pursue relentlessly. Every conference organised by Experia Events brings together the industry leaders, the influencers and the visionaries, who provide the spark for industry change and development.

Unmatched Dominance in Specialised Fields

Be it defence or aviation, be it sustainability or be it future technologies, Experia Events is unmatched in designing and nurturing conferences and exhibitions that focus and specialise in their chosen area of expertise. Careful curation in developing each event has seen them grow into the top regional exhibition or conference of their respective area of expertise.

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